Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hi pretty ladies! Sigh, I have not been active for quite some time, well there are so many reasons behind that. Since this is my blog, I want to enumerate them and share it with you :(
  • My digi cam has retired already and there are so many things I want to take pictures of to share it here
  • So maybe you're thinking why not your phone's camera? Well 2 days after my camera broke my N95 phone that got a decent camera died also. Suddenly the display was just black I already asked a cellphone tech what's the problem he said it's the LCD which is an expensive part of a cellphone so now temporarily I'm using Zano's phone that has a poor camera resolution.
  • Tabachuchay's nanny left last week so me and Zano are taking care of her full time, good thing his schedule changed so the rest days changed as well we alternate on taking care of her, so I have less sleep lately or sometimes no sleep at all and both of us are working. I don't complain huh, I love spending more time (all of my time should I say) with her.
  • Tabachuhay was sick last week, for 3days she had fever then after the fever her measles came out but this one is not the fatal one, it's called "tigdas hangin". According to her Pedia it's pretty normal nowadays to children her age because of the freaking weather
  • I was sick last weekend, yeah that is right, we just stayed at home during Mother's day because I had fever and cough.
  • Last week was blocked here in the office, and I was super pissed cause I can't access my blog and the blogs I followed religiously and when I'm at home I don't have time to surf the net because Tabachuchay had all of me, again I am not complaining hehe. Good thing now it's accessible again yey! Suck IT guys big time if they blocked this site forever!
There you go, those were my frustrations or unfortunate events that had happened but hey nothing will stop me from blogging and doing what I love so I will make more more efforts to blog more, I have lots of products to try and review. My first project is to buy a new cam and fix my phone, I am just waiting for a particular budget for that. Hooray for midyear bonuses etc.As of the moment, I don't badly need a nanny as Zano and I are still enjoying taking care of Tabachuchay full time, she is so sweet now to us unlike before she just loves her yaya hehe, but definitely will be needing a nanny soon, the house is such a mess I'm telling you.

On the brighter side, I am pretty excited for my weekend getaway with my two sisters from different mothers hehe, my two bestfriends. We will be flying to Zamboanga this Friday to attend my bestfriend's older brother wedding, yehey for that! I will have quality time with them since I missed them a lot because ever since I got married I just had like once in a blue moon time with them. I will leave Tabachuchay to my mama and papa since Zano has work during weekends.Will take lot of pictures there for sure, courtesy of my bestfriends' cameras hehe.

Oh I super miss blogging, I am starting to catch up to my fellow bloggers site and hopefully get more followers as well hehe.

Will blog more soon promise! :)

As usual I should post something here that will somehow brighten up my post hehe so here it is:

then a picture of my family:

Mahalo! :)


Aya said...

One happy family! :D Looking forward to more posts! :D

sugar sugar said...

i hope you can get a yaya for her soon and i hope you can also get a camera soon. :)

sugar sugar said...

great family pictures! your daughter is so cute! :)

DeBi said...

oh dear..its ok..I still love you.

good thing tabachuchay's ok na.... :)

Hazel said...

aww sorry to hear about your cam and phone!! :( happy late mother's day ;)

Hazel said...

aww sorry to hear about your cam and phone!! :( happy late mother's day ;)

Hazel said...

aww sorry to hear about your cam and phone!! :( happy late mother's day ;)

The Beauty-Addict said...

aw too bad! hope you can have it fixed soon.. anyway, your daughter is so adorable! :)

Mar said...

You have such a lovely family pic! I can't wait to read more of your posts soon! All the best! - Mar

herroyalbleakness said...

sis, thank you for your prayers :) i appreciate it soooo much